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What we're all about

Our main strength is the systems we have developed in our last 10 years in business doing marketing for businesses like yours.

Not only do we improve our systems every day to ensure our clients gets the best ROI possible – but we also make sure we’re always up-to-date with the latests marketing trends.

Research and Analysis 
Our team make sure to gather all the most accurate data regarding your ideal customers and analyse your past ads performances.

We then brainstorm ways on how we can increase performance, ROI as fast as possible. This is where the magic happens!

Strategize and planification
 We create a strategic campaign launch using our marketing systems. A great campaign will have a higher success rate and better ROI for your business.

Launch and scale!
This is the part where we implement our plan and make sure we follow every steps of the plans.

Our Specialities

Google Ads (Adwords)

For most local businesses, Google Ads is the go-to to tap into red-hot BUYERS ready to make a purchase. We focus on laser targeted campaigns that get optimized by our expert media buyers on a daily basis to ensure the biggest ROI possible for you! Contrary to other agencies we’re actually checking your ad account and stats on a DAILY basis.

Facebook Ads

From our experience, the Facebook platform is the fastest way to scale a business – specially if you’re selling online. We have scaled brand new businesses from 0 to $100k in revenue in less than 30 days. Offline campaigns can also be deployed on Facebook with great success. Our media buyers can ensure you great success with our campaign strategy, manual bidding scaling techniques and creatives testing tactics.

Funnels Creation & Optimization

Having great ads is close to useless if your website or offer can’t convert your visitors into long-term buyers for your business. For that reason we believe that optimizing your Funnels and Websites are ESSENTIAL in your marketing strategy. We have done thousands and thousands of different split-tests and Conversation-Rate Optimization (CRO) in the past. We know use everything we’ve learn in your favor to kickstart your results fast!

Increasing Revenue & Scaling

We believe that we’re not just your “advertising agency”. But more as your marketing partner. For that reason it’s in our best interest as well as yours to do everything in our power to increase your revenue & profit. This includes coaching your team and consulting – as needed!

The sky is the limit!

Web Development

Thankfully, you don’t need to pay a 6 figures salary to get a brand new website or to make a few tweaks on your website. Our team of Devs can help you get a professional converting website that your customers will enjoy using!

Omnipresence and Brand Management

If you’re serious about growing your brand, we offer also tailored services to help you scale your brand across multiple platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and more!

A Few of our Case Studies

Jewelry Store:
From $0 to $97,000 in less than 30 days

Breakeven ROAS was around 1.24x, with a fantastic lifetime value so it didn’t really matter if the ROAS was above 2x when we scaled the campaign past 5 figures a week. As long as CPP was under $40 we were fine.

We generated more than 4326 purchases via the Cold and Retargeting campaigns.

After exhausting most of our interests audiences, we scaled using LLA’s. (mostly purchases’ and top spenders(LTV))

Most of the purchases came from USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. We created and scaled more worldwide campaigns, mostly in Europe.

Gifts Shop:

Scaling a seasonal product with no targeting

Insanely high-profit margin e-commerce (breakeven ROAS was around 1.13x) with a hugely profitable backend. The main success on this account was the viral campaign and ad we created that allowed us to scale massively and FAST.

We had to stop running this ad after 30 days because client exhausted all his inventory on that fast scaling.

Brick and Mortar Store

We Scaled this store to over $1.2 million in ad spend with our multiple marketing campaigns and scaling system.

Car Care Brand

We helped scale this brand’s profit using scalable strategies on their Facebook ads account.

From analyzing their data we noticed they were loosing money in Europe while most of their profit came from lower tier countries. We decided then to create a new campaign and we were able to scale it 6 figures in a few weeks! Not only did we reduced waste but we also scaled what was profitable using Facebook’s Power of 5.

Infoproduct & Webinar

Over $337,000 spent and more than 28,944 leads. (Resulting in 1 million+ of revenue)

We scale this coach using a variation of multiple campaigns and angles. Testing Full funnel and scaling retargeting on Video views was the name of the game here.

Membership Site

2.3 million in ad spend to acquire more than 52,500 recurring paying members!

This client was able to become profitable on month #2 as members we’re paying on average $79-99 a month.

Local business

Over 1.4 million in ad spend for 92,243 leads!

Over the last year this business was able to continue to scale nationwide across their multiple locations thanks to well targeted Google ads.

Medical Clinics

We did a fantastic job of bringing dozens and dozens of qualified patients to these private clinics located in Pensacola with the power of Google ads.

...and more Case Studies!

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